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2016-05-13 00:38:50Z


Be careful

This salon had a yelp deal and the hair stylist would not accept it. I was told that only the "owner" runs that and he does not have the owner's phone number. I was instructed to refund it and pay before leaving. I spent a lot of time sitting at the hair salon after my hair was done because I was instructed to try to get a refund from yelp. Then, I was instructed to leave the hair salon because the "owner" sent an email about the fact I bought the yelp deal. (I even still gave the guy a tip because I am stupid and always tip, even with horrible service and hair I don't like). He said he didn't need the reference number or anything. The next day he started to harass me by email/call/text saying that I refunded my yelp deal. I instructed him to let me talk to the owner and that I did not receive a refund. I told him that I would deal with the owner instead of him and I would pay when, and if, I am refunded to the owner. He even responded to this yelp review which means he know about the yelp and has access.

He NOW is trying to get me charged with THEFT OF SERVICES saying that he is the business owner.

He CHARGED me $250 for a partial highlight and a trim. (False advertisement)

I have a RED STRIPE in my HIGHLIGHTS and my hair was BURNT where the highlights were, it started to break off. I had to leave conditioner on my hair for hours. I have spent a ton of money trying to fix these highlights and get my hair looking normal. I am going to have to cut my hair because of the damage from the highlights.

I will keep yelp updated to whether or not I get charged with theft of service. I work all week and I have not been able to speak with the officer.

This was the WORST service I have ever received and I was just trying to look good for my new job.



Lies and more lies, I would love people to read other reviews and notice that he overcharges everyone. He is now trying to say it was $300 dollars worth of service and he still wants to keep my tip. I will be taking this issue to small claims court. I will keep you updated.


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